Blood on the Marble

Washington, D.C.

The US Capitol. A city of history. A city of politics. A city of dark, supernatural intentions.

What you don’t see is the vampire controlling that Senator, the rivaling tribes of werewolves brawling in the dark alleys, or the lost spirit staring at you from across the cafe. But they are here. They’ve been here forever and always will be, pulling the strings of the country’s seat of power.

Blood on the Marble is an online, play-by-post (and sometimes chatroom), free-form version of the two Vampire games designed by White Wolf and Onyx Path Publishing. The information needed to play has been posted to the forum along with the house rules.

The best parts of both games are combined into one new type of game. No pen and paper here. It is all storytelling and interaction.

Limited other supernatural are allowed by admin permission only.

Blood on the Marble

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